Gabriel Iglesias Aloha Fluffy Blu-Ray Review


Gabriel Iglesias has evolved considerably since eir initial stand-up specials. I feel that what has changed the most is Iglesias’s pacing. There never was an issue to be had with the material or the interaction that ey had with the audience, but Iglesias does well in Aloha Fluffy to ratchet things up considerably and establish a strong cadence for each joke. What results in Aloha Fluffy is bar none one of the finest comedy performances (and DVD/Blu-Rays) that we have had the chance to review.

Comedy Central has provided viewers with about 50 full minutes of bonus features, expanding upon Iglesias’s performance. I like the half-hour that Iglesias’s opener Alfred Robles lays down. The dynamic that exists between Iglesias and Robles will be noticed when watching the feature and this additional set. For those that just wish to watch Iglesias, the Aloha Fluffy release contains the outtakes from the show alongside with the encore from the live set. The bonus features conclude with a rare look behind the curtain, a half-hour featurette that goes behind the scenes to showcase the sheer amount of work that goes into preparing a venue and a comedian before a performance.

Make sure to purchase a copy of Aloha Fluffy at any well-stocked video store or at a variety of online retailers. Keep an eye on the Comedy Central schedule; the initial airing of Aloha Fluffy will be shown on April 7th, while the second part will be shown the following week (April 14th). Visit Iglesias’s website at for more information about eir merchandise, tour dates, and any other information that you could want to know about Iglesias.

Rating: 7.2/10

Gabriel Iglesias Aloha Fluffy Blu-Ray Review / 2013 Comedy Central / 85 Minutes /

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