It’s In The Blood DVD Review

Scooter Downey is the director of It’s In The Blood (eir first dip into the full-length pool), and stocks eir film with the perfect blend of veteran and up and coming actors. Lance Henriksen has been all over the map with eir previous films, which include Alien and The Terminator; It’s In The Blood is a tremendously chilling film, and showcases the darkness of humanity. I feel that the backdrop of the woods does well to frame the sheer intensity of the pair’s history. What originally would be a run of the mill trip turns rapidly into a struggle to stay alive, and is made even worse when a previously-unseen force makes their presence felt..

The conclusion of It’s In The Blood is shocking and does not rely on typical horror tropes. The visual quality and Spartan set design allows viewers to become immersed with the film, while the audio track will have viewers wondering if random ambient noises are in their domicile or are a part of the movie. While this title was created on a shoestring budget, there is an utter dedication to the arts. It’s In The Blood contains solid acting, an interesting plot, and should be required fare for any fan of horror cinema.

It’s In The Blood can be purchased at well-stocked brick and mortar stores, as well as a number of online film retailers. Monarch’s website is a great tool to show their upcoming films and provide more information about their movie library.

Rating: 7.5/10

It’s In The Blood DVD Review / 2013 Monarch / 84 Minutes / /


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