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The cohesiveness of Costa’s new album will bring a number of new fans aboard. The album opens up with Loving You, a track that looks back at 2010’s Mobile Chateau while allowing Costa to shift things considerable. Lyrical intensity melds perfectly with an approachable instrumentation to give the album the momentum it needs to succeed. Early November is the shortest effort on the title, but Costa utilizes the 2:30 runtime to establish a seventies sort of effort that bounces along despite its wintry title.

Good Times has an ironic feel in a similar fashion to Early November, but the track stands heads and shoulders when compared to other similar musicians. The bouncy clap of the track is pushed to an entirely new plateau; fans of Rufus Wainwright and Billy Joel will be able to sink their teeth into this meaty effort. Silver Sea is an effort that provides a much-appreciated boost to the narrative aspect opf the album; the disc is given additional legs by virtue of this song.

Golden Cathedrals is a hidden gem, stuck towards the end of the album. Long-time fans will find this track, but I would strongly suggest that individuals spin this cut. There is an emotive allure to this track that permeates all facets of Costa’s output. While extremely personal, there is a grandiose feel to the track. Hints of Sean Lennon and Paul Simon can be heard in Costa’s vocals, imbuing the final registers of this self-titled release with an authority that will stick around long after the album ceases. Check out Costa’s website for more information regarding eir tour dates and additional news.

Top Tracks: Early November, Silver Sea

Rating: 8.3/10
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