Hot off their US tour which included *sold out* stops in Boston and New York and a brilliant performance at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival [which was watched on the live stream by nearly 35k people and subsequently crashed their website!], Goldfish continue their musical takeover with the announcement they’ve inked a worldwide booking deal with industry heavyweights David Lewis Productions. Add to that their triumphant sell our performance at Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, a single [Take Back Tomorrow] that is infecting radio waves worldwide, and the revelation that they’ll be residents all summer at Ibiza’s famed Blue Marlin, it’s safe to say that
Goldfish are THE artists to know for 2013.

Here is their single Take Back Tomorrow, which we’d love to you to love and add to up on your site!



Is it electronic? Rock? Jazz? Polka?
No one knows for sure, which scares the living daylight out of people, so rest assured folks because Goldfish have
‘top-genre-namers’ working round the clock to define the fishies, once and for all.

...or not 😉

“The track developed off an uplifting piano chord progression that Dom spontaneously played in the studio one morning and we had the whole song written by the end of the day. Sometimes a good track pops out in a couple of hours and sometimes it takes weeks or months to come out of the shadows of our imagination – but this one just wrote itself… We’re really excited about this track and we’ve been playing it out live with massive response, it’s huge!” -Dave

>>Video below.<<
[approved for posting]

>>Want a copy for airplay?<<
Just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

But wait, are they a band or DJs?
Yes, next question

I’m still confused. What is their ‘sound’?
Whatever you think it is. That’s the brilliance of music, it’s yours to define. Or not.

Tell me more!

What if I told you that a revolution in electronic music was brewing? Brilliant musical maestros from the Southern-most tip of Africa are poised to reaffirm all the promises that dance music has to offer. Musicianship of the highest order coupled with the cerebral emotional release that can only come when everything just aligns. It’s more than a harmonic convergence, it’s the sonic culmination of the dance music’s past, present, and most importantly, its future.

Forget what you think you know about dance music because Goldfish have officially arrived.

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