True Blood The Complete Fifth Season DVD Review

With Season 5, there are no new introductions of mythical creatures (I think we covered them all with the werepanther); the episodes aren’t as dark as some of the previous seasons and the sexual tension is not boiling over this time, but it is still one of the most addicting season yet. Vampire frenemies Bill and Eric are captured and tortured by the Vampire Authority, the group that rules over the undead (and is as politically screwed up as any other body of government). The group is headed up by the suavely evil Vampire Roman (played by SVU’s Christopher Meloni in a brilliant casting coup). The final episode will make you question relationships that were solidified back in the very first season. Five season in and True Blood is better than ever.

True Blood The Complete Fifth Season/720 mins/5 DVDs/HBO Home Video/2013

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