Morningbell Boa Noite LP Review

In just over nine years, the wildly prolific lush pop (I honestly never know what to call this genre – Orchestra pop? Chamber pop?), Morning Bell has churned out four EPs and six full length. Aside from Willie Nelson and Ryan Adams, that type of pace hasn’t been kept by musicians since the 70’s and all those bands were likely locked in the studio thanks to fists full of speed.

On their latest LP Boa Noite, the Gainesville, FL group certainly hasn’t sacrificed quality for quantity. The album is packed with nearly a dozen achingly beautiful tracks backed by an orchestra of sorts (the band couldn’t afford a full group, so pieced together the music from individual one-off sessions with various musicians). The result is a seamless collection of impressively original music. Songs like “Listen!” and “Achille” are among some of the band’s best to date.

Though Gainesville is best known in the music world as ground zero for stellar punk rock (Hot Water Music, Against Me! No Idea Records), Morningbell is doing their part to broaden the appeal.

Morningbell – Boa Noite LP (vinyl)/11 tracks/Self-released/2013
imagesMorningbell Boa Noite LP Review

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