Acoustic Research Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

The Acoustic Research Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speakers are a tremendous addition to any audiophile’s collection. Available in a wide array of colors (black, blue, white, green, pink, yellow, and red), the ARS60s are eminently portable and easy to set up. The battery utilized by the speakers is a beast and ensure that one will have tunes from a MP3 player or smartphone for up to 10 hours. Further boosts in volume will decrease the speaker’s life to around 7-8 hours. Where I feel the ARS60 speakers shine the brightest is in their stellar replay of recordings. This means that individuals can play bass-heavy rap and R&B or guitar-leaning progressive metal with the same fidelity of stationary speakers.

The build quality of the ARS60 speakers ensures that they can be taken out to the beach, the mall, or any other public meeting space. They can weather light dings, scratches, and even small falls without impacting the speaker or overall experience. It is in this durability and portability that the Acoustic Research Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker becomes a must-buy. Visit the Acoustic Research website for more information about the ARS60 and the rest of their products. An ARS60 speaker can be purchased online for around $80-100 in box, and weighs about 3-3.5 pounds. Let us know what experiences that you have had with the ARS60s!

Rating: 9.6/10


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