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Ok, let’s get this out of the way upfront. Yes, the production values on the cable TV disaster mini-series are low. Not Sharknado low, but not blockbuster level either; and yes, the story itself is a bit histrionic: A government experiment to harness energy from the sun backfires and threatens to destroy earth! But once you decide to recalibrate expectations and dial down the snark, this Doomsday miniseries (I can call it that because it’s officially part of this studio’s DOOMSDAY SERIES), CAT.8 is a pretty fun flick. Not to be confused with Eve of Destruction, another from the Doomsday Series, about scientists drilling through earth in search of energy, but the experiment backfires and threatens to destroy earth!


Most in the cast, led by the underrated Matthew Modine, deliver solid performances and while the dialogue can be a bit cliché and stilted at times, most of the acting is impressive and the story line compelling enough to keep you engaged for the full three hours.

Cat.8 originally aired on REELZ cable channel.    

Cat.8/1 DVD/ 180 mins./Sonar Entertainment/2013

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