Cassorla Amigos EP CD Review


How do you know your core audience is hipsters? You record a song with Aubrey Plaza.

The Parks & Recreation actress, and fantasy of skinny-jeaned beardos from Williamsburg to Bushwick, “plays” alto sax on “Bona Fide” the second track on Ben Cassorla’s debut EP.

Cassorla, best known for his time in the touring band for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, calls in a few cameo favors for this record, including members of Blitzen Trapper, Dawes and the Magnetic Zeroes. The effort is solid indie pop, but not earth shatteringly original. “Bona Fide” is one of the strongest from this lot.

Unsurprisingly, the EP sounds pretty in line with the folks that lend a hand on this one (there is a very strong Dawes and Edward Sharpe vibe that runs throughout all six songs). Not terribly original, but fun none the less.

Cassorla – Amigos EP/6 tracks/Self-Released/2014

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