PT Walkley Shoulders CD Review



PT Walkley may just be the missing link between Rufus Wainwright, the thoughtful jazz-inspired, sophisticated troubadour, and The Kinks, god’s gift to lovers of pop hooks and sing-along melodies everywhere. The fact that he pulls all of this off with an above-it-all indie vibe (despite still being able to shill for everyone from McDonalds to GE in TV ads) is all the more impressive.


His latest, Shoulders, may be his finest collection of songs yet. The quieter, more thoughtful moments like “Silverdollar Pancakes” and the mellow, but still infectious “Rose-Collard Glasses” compliment the more raucous anthems like “Sirens” or the funk-infused and Classic R&B-inspired tracks like “It’s Alright.”


There is a song for just about every mood on Shoulders (except anger, Walkley seems too chill to waste time being pissed off for too long). Some of the songs take a little more patience than others, like the slow burn “Eat You Up,” but Shoulders is well worth spending time with. Ambitious and wildly original, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up to Walkley’s talent.


PT Walkley – Shoulders/CD/13 tracks/Self-Released/2014


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