Dave Matthews Band – Remember Two Things (Vinyl)

Long before they became catnip for modern hippies and jam band devotees, the Dave Matthews Band was just another group trying to find their niche in an alternative rock music world. Remember Two Things, featuring mainly live tracks, was released on the band’s own label in 1993, when radio stations were liberally defining modern rock as something between Liz Phair and Pearl Jam. It was pretty adventurous then for a group from Virginia to include everything from sax to violin on their debut.


RCA re-released the album in 1997, but Legacy is finally putting it out on vinyl for the first time ever. Many of these songs are familiar to even the causal Matthews listener; songs like “Ants Marching” and “Tipping Billies,” would go on to appear on other records and remain some of the group’s biggest hits.

Though I am admittedly not a big Matthew’s fan, having stopped listening to the band after 1996’s Crash (the band’s last great record), Remember Two Things captures a young band still finding their sound, but doing so in a very impressive manner.

This two-LP deluxe release is on 180-gram vinyl, comes in an impressive gatefold jacket and includes a booklet with lyrics and photos. The download card that comes with the records also includes two previously unreleased songs.

Dave Matthews Band – Remember Two Things [Limited Edition Vinyl]/10 tracks/Legacy/2014

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