WydeFrame DFWY (Don’t Fuck with Ya’ll) Single Review

DFWY is WydeFrame’s strongest banger, and it immediately hits listeners over their head. The soaring hook is matched perfectly by a gritty and intricate flow that maintains a solid harmony each time it occurs. The production of DFWY is equal to any of the cuts currently garnering radio airplay, while there is enough variation that is present in WydeFrame’s overall sound that the track really does have considerable replay value. If you would like to hear additional tracks from WydeFRame would like to see the latest news about the rapper, make sure to check out his Twitter or Releentless Hustler Entertainment’s domain.


Rating: 9.0/10

WydeFrame DFWY (Don’t Fuck with Ya’ll) Single Review / 2014 Relentless Hustler Entertainment / www.relentlesshustler.com/ / https://twitter.com/WydeFrame

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