Ghostbusters Stay Puft Super Deluxe Edition (12” Vinyl)

Finally the one piece of nostalgia to unite vinyl nerds and kids of the ‘80s: The Ghostbusters Stay Puft Super Deluxe Edition 12”. Side A of this brilliantly creative set is Ray Parker, Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” theme (well, duh) and the flip side is a deliciously dated, but still entertaining “Ghostbusters Rap” by Run DMC (off of the Ghostbusters II soundtrack).7ab51b6ad3e6fb30407555ee811c5a72

I’m not going to bother doing a review off the songs, because honestly no one is buying this collector’s set for the music. But the creative brains behind this set deserve their Holiday bonus this year for the Stay Puft packaging only. Not only is the record cover encased in white puffy material, but the white vinyl record itself is marshmallow scented – right there they just won Record Store Day and Comic Con in one fell swoop.

Along with the vinyl record, this package includes three frame-able images of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attacking New York – the coolest version of evil to be depicted in a movie from that decade (the images are all 3D and 12X12).

Who knows what the future holds: Ghostbusters III may finally happen or it could continue to be the most-talked about sequel that never materialized, but this Stay Puft set is real and finally available for fans.

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Super deluxe edition/Vinyl 12”/2 tracks/Legacy Recordings/2014


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