Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin containing beers are one of the most beloved beer offerings that are present on a seasonal basis. However, the sheer amount of pumpkin beers that make their way on to shelves is nothing less than massive. Some of these pumpkin beers are great, some are good, and some leave much to be desired. Whole Hog, a part of Stevens Point brewery has just released their own pumpkin ale. This is a great beer that utilizes both real pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices along with additional spices including allspice and nutmeg, making this beer a much more complex effort than what imbibers will traditionally associate with the pumpkin beer style.


What results with the Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale is a very full bodied effort with each sip resembling a blend of pumpkin and chocolate milk. There is little if any hops to be had with this beer meaning that those individuals whom shy away from hoppy beers will be able to enjoy this pumpkin ale. Whole Hog’s latest effort is solid from beginning to end with a flavor profile that changes as the beer continues to warm; make sure to let the ale open up for the complex array of twists and turns that are present here. For our money Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale is the best in its style and I would contend one of the best beers that we have reviewed throughout the entirety of 2014. Make a journey over to the company’s website at pointbeer.com for more information about the entirety of their product lines whether it be their year around or seasonal offerings.


Rating: 9.3 / 10

Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale / 8.6% ABV / Stevens Point Brewery / www.pointbeer.com/

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