Chain and the Gang @ Ace of Cups, Columbus, OH 05/22/15

Tonight I got to witness Ian Svenonius at Ace of Cups in Columbus, OH doing again what that man was always meant to do and that’s to entertain. I don’t want to end up sounding like I’m biased but goddamn can that man put on a show! He has been doing this since ’88 with Nation of Ulysses, which was one of the bands that made that bridge between punk and hardcore almost seamless, which was a huge impact on me.

Some how every different time I meet Ian I end up making a fool of myself but because he is such a wonderful human being he shrugs it off and ends up finding a way to compliment me. Ian Svenonius when I meet him a few years back custom signed the L.P. I bought from him with baby blocks that spelled out “Chain and the Gang” which was awesome and tonight stopped me in the bathroom after he recognized me to compliment the shirt I was wearing which was a Johnny Thunders t-shirt, which I knew he would like.

Chain and the Gang performed everything from their newest release “Minimum Rock n Roll’ which was a true treat because that album will knock your socks off and I suggest everyone go out and buy. Stand out tracks from that album and from that show have to be “Mum’s the word” and “Stuck in a box” and as always just seeing the man work very fucking hard for every dollar he make is worth your time!

For further listening check out some of his other bands “The Make-Up” and “Cupid Car Club” or anything from “Nation of Ulysses”.

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