MrE Prodigal Son Returns EP

The Prodigal Son Returns EP is a five-song collection that provides listeners with a brief introduction into the inimitable style of Bronx’s own MrE. The two tracks – Prodigal Son and Prodigal Progenies – comprise the efforts on this EP. Unlike a number of different singles, the different iterations of each of the tracks represent different takes on a theme, rather than songs that have been tweaked slightly. This means that the original mix of Prodigal Son (featuring Neena) will tell quite a different story than the instrumental version or the lead-off version on the EP. In the same fashion, the two takes of Prodigal Progenies will provide listeners with further information about this mysterious performer.


Prodigal Progenies (Prodigal Son remix) has MrE linked together the lyrical density and complexity of Nas, the street-wise style of Raekwon, and the educated trappings of a Talib Kweli. The backing beat during this track ties together horrorcore rap with Statik Selectah. The instrumental edition of the track will allow listeners to hear the dynamic established by the beats, bass, and vocal samples; the resulting track tells a story in a fashion that few efforts can. Prodigal Son (featuring Neena) adds a hint of Eminem to the stew and utilizes a call and response and early-oughts Kanye-styled production to make for something that will bounce around listeners’ heads long after the track has ceased. The updating of a seventies funk influence makes for a smoothness that is hard to deny during this cut; the different tempos of the lead-off and the original version of Prodigal Son imbue each edition with a considerably different subtext.

The EP is available from MrE directly for $3.95; there are clean and dirty versions of the release. For additional information regarding MrE’s biography, his domain is key while the latest in the way of updates can be located at his Facebook; samples of his music are available at SoundCloud.

Top Tracks: Prodigal Progenies (Prodigal Son remix), Prodigal Son (featuring Neena)

Rating: 8.7/10

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