Welcome to Sweden: the Complete First Season

When NBC rolled out Welcome to Sweden last March there was little fanfare and little notice from TV critics at the time. Which is a shame, because the series, created and starring Greg Poehler (bother to Amy), is a solid, impressively creative series.


The premise is loosely based on Poehler’s life, centering on an American accountant for celebrity clients who moves to Sweden – not knowing a thing about the country and its language – to live with his Swedish girlfriend and her family. The premise is original, and the jokes are tight, but the ridiculous overuse of celebrity cameos is obnoxious (the Gene Simmons episode was almost unwatchable). Now that the first season is on DVD, the series has a chance to reintroduce itself to an audience.

Welcome to Sweden: the Complete First Season (eOne)/2 DVDs/220 Mins./2015

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