Feron Media

When we receive an electronic press kit from a band, it usually ends up in the trashcan unless there is something that separates the act from the other 100 that clog up our inbox every day. Part of the decision about whether we ultimately interview or review the performer concerns the visual component – what does their logo elicit from us, how does their website engage readers, and what does their initial pitch say? A number of artists will send us a plain text mail with no links, no pictures, and no idea about what they want to do. Picking a firm to assist with the contact and visual components is essential for getting editors like myself to assign one’s CD, EP, or single to a review. Continue reading “Feron Media”

Smooth Sail Summer Ale (Heavy Seas)

Smooth Sail is an eminently drinkable effort that makes the lawnmower beer format into something that can have a wide array of flavors, refreshing as well as impressing with each subsequent beer. The initial nose of Smooth Sail hides many of the twists and turns that will follow, requiring one to take an exploratory quaff for an introduction. This first sip yields wheat and citrus flavors along with just enough hop zing to keep things crisp and replenished. As Smooth Sail approaches room temperature, a sweeter set of tastes become prevalent. The wheat and grain tasted in the initial sips is given a new lease on life with this shake-up in the overall profile of the ale. I feel that the inclusion of both orange and lemon into this beer is able to provided much-needed depth to a beer style that is fairly straight-forward. Continue reading “Smooth Sail Summer Ale (Heavy Seas)”

vlesg Interview

Today we are speaking with Melbourne artist/violinist vlesg. Can you provide us with a little information about yourself and your music?

Well, basically I studied classical violin and improvisation at The Victorian College Of Arts , finishing off with a Degree In Education at Melbourne University. I have performed many styles of music including jazz, country, fusion and contemporary music. I have toured around Australia with a Celtic Rock band supporting many different artists. I have also performed on other artists’ albums and have written string arrangements for them as well as for advertising on radio, film and tv. Continue reading “vlesg Interview”

Simple Ways to Save Money in Your Home Office

Those who work from home have a variety of reasons for doing so – perhaps you are a small business owner working from home in order to save money on an office lease, a freelancer, or a single parent looking for ways to comfortably make money whilst looking after your kids. Either way, the one thing in common that most people who work from home have is the desire to keep costs as low as possible. Just as it’s vital that a home office appears professional, it’s also important for it to be economical as possible – it’s easy not to notice expenses piling up. If you’re thinking of refurbishing or setting up a home office, here are some tips on how to do it as cheaply as possible. Continue reading “Simple Ways to Save Money in Your Home Office”

Milkies Milk Trays

As is the case with cow’s milk, mother’s milk has a shelf life at refrigerator temperatures. With the volume of the milk produced by a mother that is lactating in excess of what a child can drink, preservation is essential. To decrease the amount of stress that goes into the freezing and reconstituting process, Milkies Milk Trays (a Fairhaven Health product) have been introduced. These trays allow breast milk to be frozen into one-ounce increments in a bar/column shape. This unique shape makes it easy to slide into a bottle without having to chip away or partially melt breast milk that has been frozen in typical ice cube molds. To remove the possibility of crumbs or freezer burn with frozen breast milk, Milkies milk trays come with a second piece of flat plastic that attaches to the top. A grip at the bottom of the tray makes separation of the two parts easy, even when the plastic has been in the freezer for an extended amount of time. The trays are durable while still having enough give to allow the frozen milk to easily be removed. Continue reading “Milkies Milk Trays”

Bernward Koch Remembering CD Review

“Remembering“ is the introductory track on Bernward Koch’s latest album, and it immediately draws listeners in with touching arrangement, punctual percussive elements, and a collaboration between the distinct elements that creates something much greater than the constituent parts
would indicate. Continue reading “Bernward Koch Remembering CD Review”

Reasonably Corrupt Black Lager (Great Raft Brewing)

Great Raft Brewing has created a black lager in their Reasonably Corrupt that is able to provide further variety than what is typically expected from the style. The beer pours with a mahogany / dark red coloration and possesses a malty nose with slight bits of wheat. The initial sip that one will take of Reasonably Corrupt interlaces a small hop bite with grass and malt flavors, before ending with a barely discernible sweetness. This balance makes it extremely to continue drinking the beer, but this effort’s strength comes in the flavors that begin to become prevalent as Reasonably Corrupt continues to reach room temperature. Continue reading “Reasonably Corrupt Black Lager (Great Raft Brewing)”