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You are a bluesy, rockabilly type of band. What was the thought process for joining together as an act?

When I started playing music, I started out as a bass player in a Texas Blues band. When I eventually picked up a guitar I learned the instrument by playing along with CD’s, tapes and vinyls of artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Gene Vincent, Elvis tunes, George Thorogood, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. And I fell for the kind of rough but still sparkling sound of it all. So to me, the sort of fusion that happened, was never supposed to happen. It just kind of turned out that way through influence, and I didn’t really find my «thing» before I started writing my own musicCoolcat band photo for Neufutur

Your album King of Spades was released in 2014. What are your favorite cuts from the release?

It’s really hard to pick just one cause I have so much feeling on the lyrics. «She-devil In Disguise», was the first song me and my wife wrote together. «Old School Blues» is a humorous take on the fact that I honestly think that good old fashioned hard work can never be replaced by something digital.  All though my definite favorite must be the title song. «King Of Spades» is the first song I ever wrote under the name «Coolcat». And I was in a really dark place at the time when I wrote it. That song is truly a part of my soul. A part now fully healed, luckily.

How has your musical style changed and evolved in the time since the release of King of Spades? Are there any changes you would make to the album?

It has evolved to the better, in my personal belief. The album gave us a taste of what we can do. It also gave us a taste on what we would want to be different.  The album was really supposed to be nothing more than simple promo album, but the listeners really liked it! We recorded and mixed it in about 24 hours in a studio. So to us this isn’t our best really.  If I could change anything I would re-record some tracks, and re-mix the whole thing over again, to be honest. Just to make it more proper.  Even so, it’s a great feeling to hear someone play the CD in their car as the drive by, or I hear it from the PA at one of the local bars.Ronny Coolcat band live shot for Neufutur

Readers of your Facebook noticed that you’ve started the recording process for your follow-up to King of Spades. What is your recording set up like?

Yes we have! And we are super exited about it!This time we’re not spending time in a studio. We are doing the whole process ourselves, at the place we do our rehearsals. We spend one day a week, recording, and another day practicing. That way we have full control, and we can do whatever we want, when we want to do it. No pressure from some «guy» who has no idea how we want it to sound like.

We have all the equipment needed, and we will mix it ourselves, and maybe master it ourselves as well.Ronny Coolcat Band logo for Neufutur

What acts most influence Ronny Coolcat?

Oh, there are so many! Though my main influences would be Brian Setzer and Stevie Ray Vaughan when it comes to guitar playing and singing. There is also Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Eddie Cochran, George Thorogood, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Hank III, Three Bad Jacks… I could go on for days.  I get so inspired in so many different ways,  by so many different people and acts, so this must be the most difficult question I could ever be asked.  If I have to choose three specific ones. They would have to be Brian Setzer, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eddie Cochran. ..Though my biggest inspiration comes from my family and my wife.

How supportive has the Norwegian scene been for your music?

Actually quite supportive. Norwegians don’t tend to love rockabilly music, but your average Norwegian really loves blues and rock. Norwegians also love to dance and have a good time. And that really what it is all about.  Norway may not the most ideal market for our music, but we have not yet gotten any negative responses. Actually quite the opposite!


What does the next few months / rest of 2015 hold for the band (eg live shows, music releases)?

Gigging around in bars and clubs, recording the new album and planning more gigs, and a tour for next year! We are working on putting together a USA tour for the summer of 2016. That takes a lot of our time. We just had a photoshoot for some promotional photos.  Through the rest of 2015 we will be gigging mainly in Norway, but might find our way into our neighboring countries like Sweden and Finland as well. Maybe even England. Music has no limits!

We are also looking forward to co-organizing a mini festival with Time machines CMC.  An old school/custom hot rod and mc club consisting of great friends of ours both personally and musically.

How can fans hear your music and keep up to date about Ronny Coolcat news?

Our Facebook like site, website, and our YouTube channel would be the easiest way to stay updated on our adventures. You can also find us on Twitter and Vimeo!  We might share some tastes and bits of the new album, as it progresses. Stay tuned!

Do you have any final thoughts for us at NeuFutur Magazine?

I would like to give big thanks to Mr. Curtis Smith at Maelstrom Music PR. He has been an awesome resource for the band, and we look forward to keep working with him.  And our biggest thoughts go out to our fans and friends. Without them and their support, we would never have gotten this far. This is really a dream come true to us, and we stand in awe and very thankful for knowing such wonderful people.

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