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Bernward Koch Remembering review

“Remembering“ is the introductory track on Bernward Koch’s latest album, and it immediately draws listeners in with touching arrangement, punctual percussive elements, and a collaboration between the distinct elements that creates something much greater than the constituent parts
would indicate.

Bernward Koch Remembering review

Koch hits an early height with “New Morning“, a composition that touches upon bright and darker elements while possessing a coherent focus. Every note feels deliberately placed, a move that makes the six-plus minute run time of the arrangement go by quickly. The distinct movements that are utilized here create wholly different experiences for listeners, all while Koch’s talented hand tie together these disparate elements into a cogent narrative.

“Longing for Night in Summer“ utilizes complex arrangements full of wonder to keep listener interest high during the middle register of Remembering. The pianos and keyboards here intertwine to create incredible depth and a veneer of whimsy. “A Gift Remembered“ changes things up as Koch creates a sound scape of loss and remembrance. The morose composition here straddles the line between sad and wistful feelings, and it is this duality that keeps listeners focused on what is to come through the remainder of Remembering.

“The Sunlit Hill“ speeds up the momentum and adds hints of sixties pop arrangements to Koch’s repertoire. The light percussion that is present here establishes the song as something wholly different from what has been heard so far during the album. “Through the Universe” is the final track on Remembering but has a great deal present to mull; there are hints of the previous efforts from the release just as much as there are brief hints of where Koch may go during future releases. Purchase a copy of Remembering when it is released from Real Music on August 21st.

Top Tracks: Longing for Night in Summer, A Gift Remembered

Rating: 8.8/10

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