CLOVR – Kebra Negast, Neverland ft. Zed eff and Fresh

Fresh is a track that looks to refresh the electronic music of the late nineties and early 2000s into something that an entirely new audience can appreciate. There are hints of Underworld, Plastikman, and Massive Attack rubbing elbows with jungle, house, and current (dubstep / trap) genres. Vocal elements work to imbue the composition with a human element as well as further increase the palette that is available to CLOVR.


Kebra Negast is a favorite CLOVR track as the sheer distance that is covered here is substantial. There are nods to Portishead and The Avalanches with enough wobble and ethereal/ambient sounds to keep things alluring from beginning to end. The track feels very free-form but does not meander; CLOVR is able to create a cogent narrative to this five-minute cut that will have listeners on the edges of their seats.

Neverland ft. Zed eff is CLOVR’s crossover hit, a track that could easily be present on collegiate, pop, or top 40 radio. Zed eff works perfectly with CLOVR’s inimitable composition, touching upon Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi, and Kendrick Lamar. Taken together, the work of this duo will appease fans of electronic as well as J. Dilla laid-back flows, California bangers, and electronic-rap hybrids. Neverland’s melodies and rhymes will bounce around listeners’ heads long after the track ceases. I feel that an EP or LP building off of this collaboration would be a tremendous success and further evidence that CLOVR’s abilities are substantial.

CLOVR’s SoundCloud is the best location for individuals that wish to hear his music, while the CLOVR Facebook is ground zero for all of the updates, new songs, and other information about this producer.

Top Tracks: Kebra Negast, Fresh

Rating: 8.6/10

CLOVR – Kebra Negast, Neverland ft. Zed eff and Fresh / 2015 Self / 3 Tracks / / /

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