Ex Machina DVD Review

Ex Machina DVD review on NeuFutur

The sci-fi (ish) thriller Ex Machina is seemingly simple in its construct: a brilliant techie CEO builds a human-looking robot with advanced artificial intelligence and gets one of his employees to interact with it over a week; but the plot twists are remarkably clever and turns this movie into a wildly creative, tense thriller that plays out in the very last moments.  The acting is mostly limited to Oscar Isaac playing the CEO, Domhnall Gleeson, his employee and Alicia Vikander, who plays the robot and the trio are all amazing on screen. 

Ex Machina DVD review on NeuFutur

The movie was written and directed (in his debut) by novelist/screenwriter Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later). Ex Machina is simply brilliant on all accounts from start to the very last minutes.

Ex Machina DVD Review / 2015 Lionsgate / 110 Minutes / http://www.lionsgate.com


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