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You have had a tremendous career in music. Can you give our readers a brief rundown about your stints as a musician?

Thanks. When I was in grade school in Washington, DC, I studied music and played the accordion, often at school functions, where I was recognized by the student body, parents, and teachers. However, as I grew up and pursued my more contemporary musical interests, throughout the sixties and seventies, I moved over to drums, guitar, and later, the piano.

How has the music industry changed in the time since Horn, Wood, & Silver to your new album, Starry Eyed Love?


Obviously the industry has undergone many cosmetic changes, particularly in the area of streaming, and label interests. I believe, that although it has caused independent artists to flourish, there is still a necessity for better relationships and, of course seeing that artists are paid correctly for their work, which is a common concern among my fellow artists.

Starry Eyed Love was released this year. How does it represent an evolution to your prior discography?

From the early recordings that Damon & Matthews wrote and produced during the seventies, as well as the more recent sessions, the music has evolved with better recording techniques and equipment choices. I feel that a distinct style had emerged, and am hopeful that my fans will feel the same way.i106876152._szw1280h1280_

Listeners can appreciate each of the tracks on Starry Eyed Love on their surface merits. What stories do you tell on this album that listeners may not immediately hear?

While love and relationships, both past and present are the primary focus for the writing of this material, I strive to offer stories that guide people into their own world of situations, that either make them happy, or in some cases, sad. The dreamy, “lounge style” sound tends to compliment the approach of the songs.

Throughout the years, you have been privy to a number of distinct musical movements. What artists most influenced you as a novice musician and how have the influences changed in the years since then?

From the sixties to the present day, every musician, including myself can relate to the sound produced by their favorite artists. I have been strongly  influenced and friendly with a number of them. My faith and inspiration were most influenced by artists like, Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Chris Rea, Michael Franks, Daryl Hall, and Mark Lindsay. All of them provided a backdrop for the type of songs I appreciated as a young man, and throughout my own career.

You record tracks at your studio. What are your favorite musical instruments / equipment? In a related question, how much does a unique guitar or microphone contribute to the overall spirit and feel of a track?

Answer: We utilize outstanding equipment such as Tascam for recording, Yamaha and Korg Keyboards, and a variety of different guitars too numerous to mention. Mine is an Yamaha Acoustic Electric. Our microphones are primarily MXL but we have others we rely on from time to time.

Finally, do you have anything else you would like to say to our readers at NeuFutur?

My albums, including the three albums currently out by Damon & Matthews can be found





Also, my website is:


I want to thank NeuFutur for this time today, and I want to extend a heartfelt “shout out” to the fans. I appreciate the opportunity to have this discussion with all of you, and I wish you the very best!

Thank you so much for your time.

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