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What You Wanted is a track that is destined for rock radio, beginning London Has Fallen’s “Into The Night” digi-deluxe EP. The track is a tempestuous composition replete with intense instrumentation and impassioned singing that is reminiscent of Paramore and Skillet. The lead vocals come forth as more honest and earnest than other artists in the field, with an overall larger register of notes achieved than radio fare. Taken together, this track will create a number of fans of anyone lucky enough to listen in.

This EP’s titular track is another solid single. Instrumental and vocal sides unite to create something special as the duo act and play immaculately together. “Empty Tomorrow” is a slower track, showcasing the sheer depth of London Has Fallen. Alecia’s vocals sparkle as the piano and drums are weaved into an emotive vain in the style of Linkin Park and Evanescence. The track winds to an end, establishing London Has Fallen as an act that can take on a variety of styles and succeed every time.
“Leave Me Broken” provides additional insight into the slightly slower side of London Has Fallen. The cut sails on the back of guitars and vocals this time, with the same level of furor originally heard in “What You Wanted” utilized to push this composition into a higher plateau. For more information about London Has Fallen, make a sojourn over to the
band’s domain or social media accounts. Pick up the “Into The Night” deluxe EP for a solid introduction to an act that looks to achieve greater success in the latter months of 2015 and into early 2016.
Top Tracks: Into The Night, What You Wanted
Rating: 9.0/10
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