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Today, we are speaking to Ski’s Heels to the Roof. Can you introduce us to each of the members of the band?

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  • Fredrik Daving is the guitarist and one of the band’s two vocalists. Markus Kristensen is the other vocalist and the band’s bass player as well. The drummer, who is in fact originally a bass player, is Kristoffer Horne. We are three guys that have been living in the same city for almost our whole lives. We are all at the same age, i.e. 20 years old, and have been playing in several bands before Heels to the Roof were formed in early 2013.


The Whiskey Blues EP is your latest release. What were the studio sessions like at the time you were cutting the EP?


  • Originally, we wanted to record all the instruments individually, but when we got to the studio, we decided that a live recording would sound much better and more organic as well. Since our music has aspects of groove in it, our songs would get more of a natural feeling to it when all the instruments were played together at the same time. In other words, all the instruments you hear on our single were recorded live. We recorded the vocals afterwards, because, let’s be honest, it’s much easier to get the desired sound and the right pitch when you don’t have to focus on what you’re playing on the guitar or bass. It makes for a more efficient way of working, you know. And to get the extra boost on our songs, we decided to add an additional guitar which was also recorded afterwards.


In a few sentences, why should listeners pick The Whiskey Blues up?


– They should pick it up because our music style reaches out to many music enthusiasts with different tastes. Our music is easily likeable, and everyone can found aspects by our musical style that they like. Whether it’s the heaviness, the groovy aspects or the catchiness of our music.


What bands provide the most influence to Heels to the Roof?


  • There’s a lot of bands that has an influence on our music. All the members have they’re own taste in rock music, and in that way the number of bands we’re influenced by is quite hard to say. However, the Danish band Volbeat is probably the key influence to the band since theirs original style of music is one of the reasons why we started this band in the first place.


The Whiskey Blues single contains two additional tracks, The Sexless Innkeeper and Drink. What does each of the tracks say about the band?


  • The songs The Sexless Innkeeper and Drink are both very important in the defining of our music style. The Sexless Innkeeper is more of a straightforward rock song, and Drink is a very groovy song and a little heavier than our other songs. However, they’re both songs written in a humoristic sense. The Sexless Innkeeper is more of a storytelling song. The lyrics are written like it’s a conversation between the band’s two vocalists, which makes for a different song structure. Also, the song’s message can be relatable to many listeners, which makes the song a little more interesting, ha ha. Drink is a song about youths drinking habits told in an exaggerated sense. You might say that Drink is a satirical song.


What does the rest of the year hold for you? Will there be a full-length LP in the future?

  • Hopefully, we will release a full-length EP in the near future, but due to school and studies it might be a little more distant. We do, however, recommend our listeners to keep themselves updated and make sure that they get the news when we eventually release an entire album.


What about Norwegian music is different than the rock you’ve heard from the States and Europe?

  • Norwegian black metal music is the music style that really separates Norway from the States and the rest of Europe. It is very distinctive and it’s in fact Norway’s second largest export product, right under the Norwegian oil. Also, many Norwegian rock bands has influences from old Norwegian folk music which makes for a characteristic style of rock. The folk tones is the key difference between Norwegian rock and rock music from the States and the rest of Europe.


Do you have anything else you would like our readers at NeuFutur to know?

  • Be sure to follow us on Facebook where we continually post news and info about the band. Also, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear what the readers think about our music!


Finally, how can listeners hear samples from the Whiskey Blues EP?

  • The Whiskey Blues EP is available for download on iTunes and available on Spotify as well. You can also stream our music on Soundcloud.


Thank you so very much for your time. Best of luck with the music!

  • Thank you! And thank you so much for having us.


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