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Rahr Visionary 2015 review in NeuFutur Magazine

Rahr’s Visionary 2015 is eminently drinkable and is able to balance a considerable alcohol presence with a good wallop of smoke and just enough sweet to push things into a higher plateau. Done in a rauchbier style, Rahr’s yearly Visionary beer is able to avoid the twin issues of overwhelming smoke and a strong alcoholic bite to create something that is only get better with age. Visionary 2015 pours with a tannish-brown color and a head that disappears as quickly as it originally topped the beer; a stationary glass of Visionary 2015 resembles something more of an elixir than a frothy brew. There is only a little bit of charred oak that can be discerned in the initial nose. An initial sip brings forward bolds malt notes which are honed into something sharper with the aforementioned smoky tastes, before ending with just enough sweetness to bring things back to the start.

Rahr Visionary 2015 review in NeuFutur MagazineAs Rahr’s Visionary 2015 continues to warm, the overall flavor profile of the effort begins to change. Vanilla and bourbon elements become much more common while the initial malt and wheat elements fade into the background. The sugar and sweetness is constant through all points, representing the uniting thread that will keep imbibers interested from the time they open until the moment they close the book on this beer. Rahr & Sons Brewing Company have revitalized a classic beer style and have made it into one of the best brews that we have ever reviewed.

For more information about the entirety of Rahr & Sons’ offerings, visit their website; the latest in news can be located on their social media profiles. We have reviewed another of Rahr & Sons’ beers and were quite pleased with their Summertime Wheat.

Rating: 9.7/10

Rahr Visionary 2015 / Imperial Smoked Lager / Rahr & Sons Brewing Company / 9.4% ABV / /


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