Ian C. Bouras Pieces of the Past CD Review

Everything You’ve Always Wanted is a sedate opening to Piece of the Past that has Ian C. Bouras bring listeners through a wide variety of styles and genres. There is a narrative that is created through these disparate sounds and approaches, but the cohesiveness of this initial composition is such that listeners will be taken along for the ride.


The Inevitability of Loss ties together the natural sounds of beaches and rainforests with inorganic, sequenced sounds. While one may guess that the resulting track would be disjointed, Bouras’ ability to corral these distinct elements into a cogent track is unsurpassed.

The Fear of Being Hurt has a slower, more haunting approach than previous tracks on Pieces of the Past, and this more intimate composition draws listeners’ attention to what is issuing forth from the speakers. The somber beginning gradually takes on a deliberate and trudging turn. There is a darker, more brooding approach that gradually becomes more prevalent as The Fear of Being Hurt

No One Like You is an epic journey that listeners will take over the course of six minutes; the delicate and Spartan arrangements that are commonplace here represent Bouras’ version of a hike. As the composition continues, a greater density of notes and parts in the second half require additional listeners to fully understand everything that is presented. Pieces of the Past concludes with The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants (but can never have), a darker and forboding effort that succeeds an insistent synth line. The vibrancy of the story that is told in this penultimate track represents the beginning of the end; listeners are provided with a chill-out mix of No One Like You as the final track on Pieces of the Past.

Top Tracks: Everything You’ve Always Wanted, The Inevitability of Loss

Rating: 8.6/10

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