Terror – CBGB OMFUG Masters Live: June 10, 2004 | H2O – CBGB OMFUG Masters Live: August 19, 2002

CBGB’s may be dead and gone – the storied club now a John Varvatos high-end fashion boutique – but thanks to the Masters Live series MVD Audio puts out, the grit, noise and spirit of the tiny rock club inspired, continues into another decade. The latest from this series, on vinyl for the first time, comes from the LA metal band Terror and New York Hardcore group H2O.4629_Terror-cbgb-omfug-masters-live-100604

The sound, recorded right off of the soundboard, is stellar, capturing both bands at high points in their careers.

The Terror set was recorded the same years as their debut full-length, One With the Underdogs and includes 11 songs, obviously pulling heavily from that debut and their Lowest of the Low EP. Scott Vogel’s throat shredding vocals put up a good fight to be heard over the drums and distorted guitars.

H2O’s set catches the band about five albums into their career and while still raucous, the band is a bit tighter at this point than the guys in Terror. The 17 tracks are a good mix of their late 90s songs and Nothing to Prove, the record they were touring behind at this point.

The CBGB’s live series has put out a slew of impressive sets so far, and these latest two releases are just as great.

Terror – CBGB OMFUG Masters Live: June 10, 2004 The Bowery Collection / H2O – CBGB OMFUG Masters Live: August 19, 2002 The Bowery Collection (MVD Audio)


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