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Casebere may be one of the busiest performers that we have reviewed at NeuFutur. Whether it is with his solo act Case on Bass or the collaborations he has created (Casebere & Joyner, Constance & Casebere), it seems as if there is bold new music coming from the Casebere headquarters on a regular basis. Over the course of the last year, Casebere has crafted 12 full-length albums that could not be more different. A performer with his heart on his sleeve, Casebere puts each feeling and emotion into some form of recording. As a result, songs next to each other on an album may be miles apart in overall spirit. The music that Casebere creates is a rare feat in that it puts the much-maligned bass guitar into the light. As a bass player myself, it seems as if there has been a continual shunning of the instruments – one may hear a bass solo every ten or twenty albums, but it does not receive the recognition that it deserves on a regular basis. The ability exhibited by Casebere on his Case on Bass albums looks to rectify this fault while impressing anyone fortunate enough to listen in.


Where Casebere may find himself in regards to the overall set of emotions exhibited on an album, the one constant that listeners will find is the sheer dedication and effort that exists in all of his compositions. On the Case in Bass compositions, fans will be given a singer performer playing on a bass guitar, but the range of sounds that are heard are considerably greater than one would expect. Whether it is creating a soundscape that will take listeners through a forest, a busy city street, or emulate a set of vocals, there is no limitation that exists in Casabere’s compositions.


Samples from Casebere’s music, tour dates, sheet music, and further information about the performer can be located at his website. Signing up for his mailing list will allow visitors the opportunity to hear some of this performer’s inimitable compositions. Casebere is unique in the sense that he completely eschews social media; rather than taking selfies, reposting memes, or linking to the latest viral video, Casebere is honing his craft and creating some of the best bass-led music that we have heard since Jaco Pastorius or Les Claypool. The sheer depth of Casebere’s arrangements ensure that any of his albums can be played and replayed numerous times with fans still hearing different nooks and crannies in each effort.

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