Tim Neumark Galaxy CD Review

Galaxy is the latest album from this Maryland-based pianist and captures the compositions from Neumark’s a song a month promotion. Preludio provides listeners with an introduction to the styles and approaches that Neumark will take on his sixth album, Neumark. The rising and falling action presented to listeners acts as a hook, keeping them firmly on the edges of their seats until the final strains of What You Leave Behind.


Starlight is one of our favorite tracks on Galaxy, from the tender opening to the quicker tempo that Neumark crafts. There is a narrative that is weaved through this composition that rivals a lyric-heavy effort, a feat made all the more astounding considering that Neumark’s piano arrangements that the only thing present on the arrangement. The production of Galaxy allows each note to sparkle alone and as part of the greater whole.

Orbit brings listeners into thinking about the wide-open areas of outer space. The bouncy piano playing during this track captures the giddiness and newness the cosmos, while The Inner Light continues to keep fans interested through introspective arrangements and contemplative sections that can easily by appreciate by all walks of life.


Sweet Little Evening Melody and Time’s Arrow unite to showcase the persistent side of Neumark. There is a darker side of things that gradually become more prevalent in the later reaches of the album. Rather than hammering home the same themes and trends over the course of the whole album, Tim’s desire to keep things fresh and interesting makes for an album that is Protean. While listeners may not know exactly where Neumark will take them in efforts like What You Leave Behind, they will know that the compositions are impeccable and the narrative dense and bushy.

Top Tracks: Sweet Little Evening Melody, What You Leave Behind

Rating: 8.9/10

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