All American High Revisited (DVD)

This 1987 documentary was never really considered a seminal film. It was selected for Sundance, seen by some and then forgotten. But with the release of American High Revisited the film gets a second chance. It shows what an average California high school in 1984 looked like, through the eyes of a foreign exchange student attending the school for a year.


From the cliques (punks, metal heads and preppies) to the parties and, of course a trip to the mall, the film is a fun, nostalgic look at a high school that could have been a stand in for anywhere in U.S. at the time. The extra 10 minutes of the movie are priceless, as the director catches up with many of the students in the doc.

All American High Revisited (DVD) /82 mins./Virgil Films/2015

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