Paris Releases “Pistol Politics”

Guerrilla Funk Recordings And Filmworks is proud to announce the arrival of Pistol Politics, the latest release by pioneering Bay-Area artist/producer Paris. The entirely self-produced project features 27 songs that pit Paris’ criticism of the current socio-political climate against the day-to-day joys and struggles of life as a black man in America, creating a collection tracks that balance content with the sound of the times.

Pistol Politics marks a return to form for Paris, arguably one of the most politically outspoken artists in Hip-Hop history. It is a fusion of some of the best gangsta and revolutionary rap talent ever and features stellar performances from Hip-Hop luminaries E-40, WC, Tha Eastsidaz, Dead Prez, KAM, The Conscious Daughters and more. The album serves as a musical statement of solidarity – and a much need unified front – against oppression and institutional racism in an age almost devoid of meaningful commentary in urban entertainment. It’s both a condemnation of society’s ills and a celebration of its virtues emphasizing themes promoting unity, progression and community uplifment.

Paris is an artist whose music has always reflected the social issues of his community and this project is no different, as evidenced by its first single “Night Of Long Knives” and the latest visual from the project, “Buck, Buck, Pass,” released in late August. In the new video, Paris chronicles the carnage – but with a twist – detailing the journey of the life of a firearm from its perspective, from its manufactured inception to its illegal use on America’s streets. While not a call for gun control (Paris is a staunch supporter of self-defense), it is a commentary on gun violence, its often ignored racial implications and its after effects, providing a spotlight on what he considers to be the real enemy – the corporate and political machinery that benefits from the steady diet of death of mainly young people of color.

This concern for his community and the necessity to find a solution to some the toughest issues faced by young people of color is felt throughout Pistol Politics. On tracks like “Truce Music” and “Muggin Ain’t Thuggin” feat. Tha Eastsidaz and T-K.A.S.H., Paris turns his critical artistic eye inwards, addressing black-on-black violence and the Black community’s internal struggles head on. He taps Dead Prez to revisit his 2009 song “Martial Law,” a song whose message still applies six years later. Pistol Politics also delivers light moments on songs like “Give The Summer Drums,” which captures summertime perfectly with inspiration culled from the Roy Ayers classic “Everybody Loves The Sunshine,” and the instrumental “Pop’s Groove,” which delivers just as strong a vibe and message, even without vocals.

Paris is currently the Pistol Politics Tour with and initial west coast focus as special guests from his album. Pistol Politics is now available in physical form through most domestic retailers and internationally through all digital outlets. For more information, please visit


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