Space Apaches Smokin’ Voyages CD Review

In My Mind is a fun track that links together desert rock, jam bands, and Southern rock approaches into something that is tremendously affecting. The talent of the band’s constituent elements as well as the unified front that they provide listeners make this into a must-listen.


I Am the Six O’Clock News is a middle-album track that has Space Apaches change things up considerably. The down and dirty rock style that the band crafts here will tattoo its melodies deep into the psyche of listeners. Hints of INXS and Stabbing Westward can be heard here, with a frenetic energy laced through all segments of this single.

A Song for the Rest of My Life has Space Apaches establish a bluesy power rock in the vein of an Aerosmith; the impassioned vocals link together David Lee Roth and Layne Staley. A timeless sound makes this cut into something that fans of all ages can appreciate. Smokin’ Voyages is the rare example of an album that stays strong from beginning to end, with Love Should Come Easy settling listeners in to an seventies/eighties honky tonk style. The ability of Space Apaches to take on such a wide number of styles and make the resulting album taut as a drum is a testament to their styles. Smokin’ Voyages concludes with Space Apaches’ own version of the classic country track Ghost Riders in the Sky replete with a walking bass line and a swagger that is hard (if not impossible) to match.Make it a point to visit the band’s website for the latest in information and samples of their music.

Top Tracks: Ghost Riders in the Sky, A Song for the Rest of My Life, I Am the Six O’Clock News

Rating: 8.4/10

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