Ships Have Sailed Moodswings CD Review

The blend of pop and electronic elements that begin Ships Have Sailed’s Moonswings twinkle, inviting listeners in to the array of different twists and turns that will be experienced on the album. Summertime is a hard-rocking track in the vein of Walk The Moon, Weezer, and The Rocket Summer, punchy drum beats, a sultry set of vocals, and rapid-fire sections of the track make this into a radio-ready effort. Out of Time is a tender track that is built upon a strong foundation of guitars and drums; the on-point percussion during this track highlights the vocals. Ships Have Sailed create a track that one that is in love can appreciate; the sheer dedication that one can have for their partner is described perfectly by the band here.


Criminal is a track that shatters the conception that acts simply drop their chaff on the second half of an album. The emotional depth that is exhibited here is amazing, with a rising and falling action that has Ships Have Sailed create a story not only in the vocals but through the interactions between the instrumental elements of the band.

Echoes is the penultimate track on Moodswings and succeeds due to the deliberate sound that the band crafts here. The slower tempo and atmospheric elements meld into something that will have fans focused in; this effort only makes it to the ninety-second mark but sets the stage perfectly for the final expression on Moodswings. Imaginary Friend has a hopeful sound that is inspired by acts like Modest Mouse, giving closure to the disc as it portends a possible path for Ships Have Sailed in future releases.

There is a cohesive sound to Moodswings that is rare in music; in a period dominated by singles, the band is able to make a unified release that is transformative. Check it out.

Top Tracks: Out of Time, You Should Know

Rating: 8.6/10

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