Dark Optics Where I Am Single Review

Where I Am is the latest effort from York’s Dark Optics. This composition is a track building off the trip-hop tradition, with hints of Stabbing Westward, Massive Attack, and Portishead that can be discerned. The ample inclusion of samples feels like an homage to The Avalanches, while the brooding a deep instrumentation that is weaved through the single will appease fans of hard rock and metal styles. What results with Where I Am is a track that will take listeners on a journey over the course of five minutes.


It is fascinating about the depth of the narrative on Where I Am; the arrangement of instrumentation on this single does more to tell a story than many lyric-heavy acts could hope to do on an EP. There is a production that allows each disparate element of the track to shine; whether it is the vocal, instrumental, or the percussive elements, one is sure that they are contributing to the greater good. It is perhaps the strongest suit of Dark Optics to have a polished and mature sound that makes a five minute track into an expansive effort that stands up to repeat listens. With each subsequent spin of Where I Am, fans will find new twists and turns, new avenues and influences that DO has placed; it is this alluring side to things that bode well for subsequent releases from this performer.

For more information about Dark Optics and his music, check out his Youtube and Bandcamp. Where I Am is a track taken from an as of yet untitled EP that will be released on Bandcamp in the near future. Dark Optics’ latest EP Stare Down The Sun is available from Hulkshare.

Rating: 8.7/10

Dark Optics Where I Am Single Review /2015 Self  / https://darkoptics.bandcamp.com/ /https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk05FFQjInP5XWUuYYW9FSg

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