Stupid Stout 2015 (Coronado Brewing Company)

California’s Coronado Brewing Company has just released their Stupid Stout for the year. The 2015 iteration of Stupid Stout is one of the most rock-solid imperial stouts that we have reviewed at NeuFutur. When one pours into a goblet or glass, they will be greeted with a black color that is dark as night with a good amount of tan heads that is slow to dissipate.  The effort comes in hot and provides individuals with an impressive amount of hops before hints of chocolate, coffee, and brown sugars come into focus. Malt elements are dominant during the second half, imbuing a toasty and roasted side to the effort. Coronado-Stupid-Stout-2015The creaminess of the beer is much more presence as one continues on, with hints of nougat, vanilla, and allspice playing at the periphery. It is precisely this scintillating set of flavors that make  Stupid Stout 2015 into such a must-buy; with a good sense that one will be hit with wholly new twists and turns, one will continue to be impressed. Coronado has made a heady brew that will knock one on their butt without losing the delicate flavors that are typically present in a stout.

Stupid Stout is eminently drinkable, imparting a warmth that is absolutely perfect for the chilly nights; the thicker and more luxurious mouthfeel means that one will be able to drain the bottle quicker than they could with other acerbic or otherwise intense imperial stouts.

For more information about the whole of Coronado’s efforts, check out the company’s domain. For events and new product announcements, Coronado’s social media accounts would be the best bet. Check out our previous coverage of Coronado’s 17th Anniversary Ale and Stupid Stout 2014.

Rating: 9.0/10

Stupid Stout 2015 (Coronado Brewing Company) / Imperial Stout / 9.0% ABV / 42 IBU / / / /



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