Mundo Mona Lisa Single Review

Mundo is a performer that creates a high-energy track that crosses the borders between rap, hip-hop, and dance. The track will get listeners up and on the dance floors. A backing beat creates something that will tattoo itself deep into the psyche of listeners, while the raw passion and charisma of Mundo will have listeners hanging on every word. b4ec84a5ee72f2da16ab83e10aa006bd Where many EDM / dance compositions hang on for three minutes, Mundo has jam-packed Mona Lisa to the gills.
As a result, the track keeps things assertive and strong for nearly four minutes. The rich backing instrumentation and layered approach taken means that this single has a high replay value. Listeners will be able to spin this cut through the end of the year, hearing different notes, lyrics, and dynamics. We are particularly big fans of the brief breakdown that comes in at the three-minute mark. The bit of wobble and dubstep that is present here refreshes things and gives Mona Lisa the boost that it needs to end emphatically. The production of this track will make radio play a definite; this effort hangs alongside all of the top 40 while having an unique flair that ensures listeners will continue to come back for more.

For more information about Mundo, give hiss website a spin. The latest in news can be located at his social media profiles. Here’s to hoping that Mundo will enter 2016 as boldly that this track portends.

Mundo’s Mona Lisa has a video (attached below). What do you think?


Rating: 9.0/10

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