Pat Baer Make The Best of It Single Review

Make The Best of It is the latest single from New Jersey’s Pat Baer. This cut is a timeless track that builds off of the mid-nineties alternative and later emotive rock styles to create something that is tender and emotionally intense, with a wonderful rising and falling action that will have listeners on the edges of their seat. Baer’s vocals are hopeful and sunny, pulling double duty as they tell a story as well as contributing to the overall harmonies of the track.cover340x340 Make The Best of It expands into a more atmospheric and expansive section for its second track, calling back to an earlier musical tradition (Wings, The Bee Gees).

The best thing about this track is the fact that fans of all genres will be able to find something that they can appreciate. A spot-on instrumentation does more than play at the background, working alongside Baer’s vocals as equal. The repetition of lyrics at the conclusion of Make The Best of It emphatically push listeners to cope with things the best way they know how. As individuals that have experience struggles and strife, listeners will be able to understand well the sentiment that Baer is bringing forth on Make The Best of It. While each part is clear and perfectly recorded, the overall atmosphere is close and cozy. Fans can imagine themselves sitting a few feet away from Warren Harvey Johnson and the Baers (Pat, Sabrina, and Benjamin).

The production on Make The Best of It allows each of the components to shine alone and as part of a larger composition. For more information about Pat Baer, other samples of her music, and other news, add her ReverbNation and Facebook profiles.

Rating: 8.3/10

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