Sesame Street: Play All Day With Elmo DVD Review

OK Go have lent their inimitable musical style and unmatched charisma in their “Three Primary Colors”, while the musical side of the DVD continues with Taye Diggs and Elmo’s duet (“Let’s Go Driving”). Ziggy Marley spins things off into a reggae / pop style with his version of Simon Says. Matching current musicians with a more child-friendly subject material increases the replay value of the Play All Day With Elmo DVD, as the harmonies and overall talent of these performers can be enjoyed by child and parent alike.


Elmo’s Word: Games keeps the attention of those watching through a number of distinct activities, bright colors, and a vocabulary that both will get children thinking while being something that they can easily understand. This DVD is a must have for parents that wish to instill good behaviors in their toddles and pre-kindergarden children. The episodes that are contained on Play All Day With Elmo will bolster a little one’s self-control, overall movement and motor skills, and the ability to listen. We were fans of the two hour-runtime of the Play All Day With Elmo DVD as the variety of materials presented here keep parental fatigue low.

Play All Day With Elmo is available from a wide variety of online and brick and mortar retailers and is value-priced at a point that it would be a good gift for a child’s birthday or as a stocking stuff during the upcoming holiday season. For more activities for your child, visit the Sesame Street domain; the Warner Home Video website has a tremendous amount of information about their full slate of releases and any other titles coming down the pipeline. Play All Day With Elmo is a great purchase for anyone that has kids or is looking for a gift for children 2-6.

Rating: 9.0/10

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