Coffee Brown (Saint Archer)

Saint Archer’s Coffee Brown pours with a tremendous amount of tannish head that dissipates quickly, sitting on top of a dark brown coloration. The initial nose of this limited-run effort is dense with fragrances, running the gamut between citrus fruits, chocolate, dark roasts, and caramel. Adding considerable depth to the early stages of the beer are hints of blackberry jelly, toffee, and hardwoods; one will continue to receive new and exciting twists and turns to Coffee Brown as they continue to put in work with this one.

Coffee Brown (Saint Archer)

The typical brown ale style is hard to invigorate, with a number of efforts in that style being thin efforts that tread the middle ground of sweetness and malt-heaviness. Saint Archer has taken a good, hard look at brown ales and has created something with enough teeth to craft something that is eminently drinkable. The beer was previously only available on draft, making its way to 22 ounce bottles this year. The beer soars due to the presence of Makwa coffee, with provides much-needed bitterness and bite to the backdrop created through the inclusion of Chocolate, Crystal, and Maris Otter malts. The ABV (6.0%) is good for providing a small amount of burn to the effort without imbuing the beer with too much in the way of an alcohol snap; by pegging this brew at this content, Saint Archer is allowing more delicate flavors an ample opportunity to shine.

Check out our thoughts about Saint Archer’s Mosaic IPA and White Ale; for more information about the year-round and seasonal offerings that the brewery creates, give their website a spin. Further information about new product offerings and events can be located at their social media accounts; let us know what you think about Saint Archer’s Coffee Brown.

Rating: 8.8/10

Coffee Brown  /  6.0% ABV / Saint Archer Brewing Company / / /

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