Super Snow Cap (Pyramid Brewery)

The winter warmer style provides one with a number of solid offerings, many of which have a considerable spice and sugar component. Super Snow Cap pours with a dark brown coloration and a decent amount of tannish/off-white head that sticks around for a decent time after an initial pour. Hints of dark fruits and wheat come forth in the brew’s initial nose, trends that will make themselves known as one takes their first sip of Pyramid’s current seasonal.Super Snow Cap (Pyramid Brewery)

Super Snow Cap is an imperial winter warmer, an effort that attempts to put the style into high gear. What results with this effort is one of the most eminently drinkable beers that we have received at NeuFutur this year. There is a robust roasted malt backbone to Super Snow Cap, a nuttiness that is countered quite nicely through a bit of an alcohol snap and a zestier zing contributed by the considerable spice of the brew. Hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne can all be discerned before one completes a 22-ounce bomber of the beer.

The high alcohol content and stability granted by the presence of the malt in Super Snow Cap ensures that one will be provided with the same sort of flavors when the beer is on its last legs as when one initially popped the top. With the smoothness and complexity of this effort, an imbiber will be able to set their night off right. This is the best winter warmer that I have ever experienced. For additional information about the full product line and Pyramid’s year round and seasonal efforts check out their domain. New product information and day-to-day updates can be accessed at the brewery’s Facebook or Twitter.

Rating 9.6 / 10

Super Snow Cap / 8.7% ABV / Pyramid Brewery / / / /

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