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Polk Audio’s Striker PRO P1 headphones are designed to provide the best in terms of fit and wearability, ensuring that those marathoning a game session or listening to an extended podcast will be able to stay comfortable – the leather of the headphone keeps the top of one’s head comfortable while the soft earcups protect against rubbing. . The speakers of the headphones are able to reproduce music from a variety of genres, no matter whether the style is bass heavy or requiring delineation of multiple sets of vocals.Striker PRO P1 Universal Gaming Headset  The PRO P1 Universal Gaming Headset shines the brightest when one is conversing, coordinating strategy, or otherwise responding to discussions – the omni-directional microphone included here lets players key into the setting that makes them best heard while the mute button allows for a rapid switch-off when needing to listen to orders or talking to someone outside of the game/activity.

The audio reproduction of the Striker PRO P1s is clear and accurate to the source material without distorting or otherwise modifying what one initially plays. The design of these headphones is smart in that outside noise is blocked just as the headset’s output is shielded from the rest of those around. In terms of the entire package then, these headphones are priced at a great point while having considerable functionality. These would be a good pickup for a holiday or birthday gifts and can easily be used by individuals of a wide swath of ages. For more information about the set of headphones please visit the company’s website. Further new product information and giveaways along with other promotions can be located on the company’s social media profiles.  The Striker PRO P1 Universal Gaming Headset is available from online retailers for around $120 and works with the PS4, Xbox One (with adapter), Wii U along with the PC/Mac and traditional tablets and smartphones.

Rating: 9.0 / 10

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