True Detective: Season 2 (DVD)

While it’s true that the second season of the Nic Pizzolatto-helmed crime noir True Detective never came close to living up to the expectations of the first season, it’s a tad unfair to compare the two. True Detective: Season 2

The first season was groundbreaking TV and a pop culture moment (the pairing of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson was simply inspired), but the follow up was a pretty decent effort as well. Just as moody as the first outing, season two focused on a morally compromised cop played by Colin Farrell who is teamed up with the equally-damaged Rachael McAdams and Paul Woodrugh,  a motorcycle cop with a questionable past. The trio are charged with finding out who killed a corrupt city manager which leads them down a rabbit hole, complete with orgies and cults. Vince Vaughn in particular turns in an impressive performance  as a crime boss trying to go legit who is still playing puppet master with Farrell. Rick Springfield (yes, that Rick Springfield) also put in a cameo as a very creepy psychiatrist.

While not as great as its predecessor, season two is still worth dedicating a long weekend to binge-watching.

True Detective: Season 2 (HBO Studios)


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