Shark Rocket Powerhead

I come from a tradition where a good vacuum cleaner is heavy, difficult to move and is absolutely unwieldy. I half expected the Powerhead has to be a device that will pick up small bits and pieces off of our floors but not have much use beyond as a simple dusting apparatus. When we actually had a moment to evaluate the vacuum we were pleasantly surprised at the sheer amount of material that it picked up after a few minutes. The Shark Rocket Powerhead works equally well on carpeted floors as well as wood ones with the process of switching from one to the other simple enough as opening up the vacuum and switching out the beater heads.

Removing the dust that the Shark Rocket Powerhead picks up as easy as well one need only use their foot to hit a button which pops up the canister for easy home cleaning. The device is designed in such a way that one can pivot the head however they would like while the stick design allows an individual to have additional reach and not require them to stretch during the process of cleaning the floors. The vacuum cleaner is simple enough that even older children will be able to vacuum, clean, and restore the product back to its empty setting.Shark Rocket Powerhead

The length of the extension cord is pretty substantial meaning that one can clean up about two full size rooms next to one another without having to unplug and find a new outlet. The Shark Rocket Powerhead is made out of a heavy grade of plastic allowing individuals the opportunity to really get into nooks and crannies without having to worry whether the device will crack or otherwise break.

This is a perfect sort of vacuum for anybody that might be getting their first house or wants to clean up a dorm room. Only minor issue that we could discern with the Shark Rocket Powerhead was the size of the container that took up dirt. This is not a deal breaker, just meaning that we take a little bit too long between cleanings at NeuFutur headquarters. If you choose to purchase this vacuum cleaner just find 20 and 30 minute periods every week; hit up all the corners of your house and you should only have to change the canister once or twice before completing the task.

Rating: 9.0/10

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