Alicia Rae – Sweet Melody EP

Sweet Melody starts with a very happy and hopeful type of pop music. The interaction between the instrumental and vocal side of Alicia Rae’s new EP is delightful, with each part pushing the other into brilliance.

Alicia Rae – Sweet Melody

Pretty Boy links together equal parts Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne into an effort that has a tremendously deep emotion weaved through it. This song has nods to the 1990s, 2000s, and today; the tradition that Alicia Rae works off of here means that a wide segment of listeners will find something that they can appreciate. It is during Pretty Boy where listeners begin to hear the raw power that Rae brings to the table, something that is continued onto Cupid. Cupid shifts things up nicely as it adopts hints of the blustry automation of the EDM style. Through continue adoption of different genres and approaches;, Alicia Rae is able to keep listeners on the edges of their seats.

Hide Away is another single-worthy track that builds upon the framework of artists like Natalie Cole and Kelly Clarkson. The cohesion that is showcased during the Sweet Melody EP is considerable. The Sweet Melody EP concludes with Fire In Your Eyes, a duet conducted with Michael Pearsall. A slower and more deliberate approach is taken; this delicate and involved effort will continue to showcase different interplays and influences with subsequent spins. Alicia Rae’s vocals are the high point of this recording, but the thunderous drums enter in to spin the effort into a fertile direction. The track does well in showcasing a new path for Alicia Rae, while working well amongst the styles and approaches that listeners experienced during the remainder of this EP.

Top Tracks: Sweet Melody, Fire In Your Eyes

Rating: 8.4/10

Alicia Rae – Sweet Melody EP / 2016 Self / 5 Tracks / / /

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