Classic Saison (Blackberry Farm Brewery)

The Classic Saison by Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm Brewery has such a unique blend of flavors placed upon a wonderfully dry backbone that individuals that may not even like the Saison style will find something that they can appreciate. Hints of grains of paradise, pepper and the smallest taste of lemon can be discerned in the early goings of the Classic Saison on while a bready, yeasty body rises and falls as one continues along in the bottle. The small amount of bitterness that one will experience with the Classic Saison is enough to refresh a pallet and give an individual a shot at a whole new interpretation of flavors with later pulls.

Blackberry Farm Brewery farms has crafted something that continually shifts and changes as one progresses along and the 750 milliliter size of the bottle matches nicely with the ABV of this beer. At 6.0% the Classic Saison is sufficient to set a night off right while gently using an individual in for anything that may follow.

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For a full listing of the beers that Blackberry Farm creates, their website discusses year-round and seasonal brews along with further information about the founders and their company. A well maintained Facebook and Twitter presence is also present, keeping individuals up to date about the entire operations of the brewery. When we are looking to have an easy drinking yet complex Saison we’d like to continually choose the Classic Saison from Blackberry Farm. The effort just has so many other layers of flavor than other mass-produced saisons that are currently on the market.

Rating: 8.7/10

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