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The Spanakopita sold by Athens Foods is some of the richest and flakiest appetizers that we have ever had. There are a wide variety of Spanakopita available on the market and depending on what company that you purchase them from, the quality can dip considerably. There is a popular offering by Trader Joe’s supermarkets that is tough and mealy instead of lightening a meal; while it is perfectly serviceable when one wants a bit of Greek cuisine in their life, it is not satisfying.

Spanakopita / Athens Foods

When we actually received the package of Spanakopita from Athens Foods that we began to understand the quality of this Spanakopita was much greater than others that we have had in the past. With steps no more complex than throwing the Spanakopita into the oven, it was very easy to get a golden coloration on the appetizer. It was pleasantly surprising when we actually bit into the Spanakopita that there was a good amount of cheese interspersed throughout. Crunchy and cheesy, this snack was the perfect sort of beginning to a meal containing chicken, pork or even beef.

The price of Athens Foods’ Spanakopita is approachable when comparing to the wide variety of frozen appetizers on the market. The platter of Spanakopita is more than enough to whet the appetite of two to four individuals. Give the Atens Foods website some love if you would like to see the full range of frozen and other products that the company produces. Look at your local well-stocked supermarket for your own little triangles of heaven, the Athens Foods Spanakopita.

Rating: 8.8/10

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