Downton Abbey Season 6 Blu-Ray Set

The stories told in the previous series of Downton Abbey have kept viewers on each side of the pond eagerly anticipating what will happen in the final series of the show, season 6. The episodes here have been shown over the course of the last quarter of last year, keeping the same high level of quality that other episodes have tempered viewers to expect.Downton Abbey Season 6 Blu-Ray Set

This time around a number of distinct story elements reach their climax and are resolved in a masterful fashion. The shift over to New York provides a number of striking visuals that are fresh for the Downtown Abbey mythos.

The Season 6 Blu-Ray set has a tremendous transfer; each of the episodes being as clear and as crisp as they were when they were originally aired. The ease at which one can binge watch the episodes of season 6 is considerable while PBS has included a few extras into this set to further increase the value of the release, including a look into the period cars that they utilize, a view into the new era about to begin in the post-DA years, and discussions by the cast and crew about filming. The audio quality is similarly strong with every audience and phrase captured, ensuring that viewers will be able to easily keep up with all the intrigues and drama that are present on the show. Downton Abbey Season 6 also comes in a DVD set; each release is available from brick and mortar along with online retailers. Expect to spend about 30 to $40 on the set and keep an eye on the shop PBS website for additional information about Downton Abbey and other shows that err on your local affiliate.

Rating 9.0 / 10

Downton Abbey Season 6 Blu-Ray Set / 2016 PBS / 540 Minutes / /

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