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One of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day is to watch my favorite TV show. Lately my favorite has been Gotham, an American drama based on the lore of Batman, Currently the show is only airing in the United States, so it makes it less accessible to anyone outside of the US. This show is addicting good, you really get involved with the plot and characters. My favorite is Jim Gordon, he’s very masculine and always gets the bad guy. The love story between Bruce and Selena gets kind of tiring at points but it makes sense in the storyline. Now that we’re in the final episodes of the second season, the show has more interesting than ever.
Video streaming services like Netflix are the future of television and allow users to watch their favorite shows on-demand. These services have changed the way people watch TV, but one complaint I have is that the show selection is limited. In my case, I have been subscribed to Netflix for 3 years and have watched most of the shows available. While it is fun to re-watch some of my favorites, I am left wanting more. Netflix has turned me on to shows of all topics from An Idiot Abroad to The IT Crowd. You can watch a variety of shows and topics, but after a certain period it gets to be tedious trying to find a new program.
That’s why one of my friends suggested that I get an Apple TV and use a VPN to access foreign portal for Netflix. Other places such as the US have different options to watch on Netflix, so by using these connections you can access more TV, specifically more US programming like Gotham or any of the Fox cartoons like Family Guy and American Dad. When I was looking into unblock us netflix with apple tv, I found this site to be useful  . The link explains how to use your Apple TV to watch more shows on services you already pay for. This means that you can take your existing Netflix account and watch shows from all over the world without putting out any extra money.

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