New Mayans – Crimes

Universe is a deliberate track, showcasing the skills of the vocals, drums, and guitars of the band. While each of the elements works well on their own, they create a haunting set of melodies that will resound loudly with listeners long after this current EP spins to a close. Hints of new wave and 90s alternative can be discerned here, all while New Mayans forge boldly forth with their own unique style of music. Glue Boiler is a much more gritty and dirty sounding track that links together the works of Franz Ferdinand, Depeche Mode, and Panic at the Disco! into an angular and frenetic single. The guitar, bass, and drum dynamic that is crafted through this track is delectable. Everything feels so punchy; New Mayans are able to have a production to Crimes that not only makes for a close and cozy sound but has each lick or drum beat resound loudly through the airwaves.

New Mayans - Crimes EP

Jezebel is the first track on the second half of the Crimes EP, and for our money may be our favorite. The intricate instrumental opening to the track immediately snap listeners to attention. The distinct vocals that issue forth soon after are reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, while the guitars kick into a Wolfmother-level sizzle. The track feels like a current day upgrade to the storied 80s Rolling Stones track Emotional Rescue, dovetailing nicely to the final gasp of the Crimes EP, an eponymous effort. The straight-forward rock meets alternative fuzz is used to great effect at the concluding moments of this release, never giving listeners a breadth until the band concludes their final note of the extended play. The story told here on Crimes is as dense and detailed as bands can do on a full-length, a good sign for this act.

Top Tracks: Glue Boiler, Universe, Jezebel

Rating: 8.2/10

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